We very much want your physical gains to happen without worsening any pre-existing conditions that you may have, whether you are aware of them or not.

That's why we apply Biomechanics principles at the start and throughout your programming evaluation. 



Breathing impacts your overall well being. Breathing exercises can help you reduce stress levels, increase energy, manage chronic pain, regulate your body’s reaction to fatigue, improve posture  and so much more. 



Education is a big part of our philosophy. Our online classes are as educational as they are physically challenging. We also run webinars and workshops on posture, sleep, nutrition and stress to be able to close the learning circle and empower you to self help - be that at home or at work


Physical exercise in itself is just one part of a wellbeing programme. We believe that balance is the key to a long lasting positive change in mindset and lifestyle. We also believe that balance is as unique as we are and we can provide the tools to help you achieve your own personal state of balance.