We want to grow the number of people who achieve a balanced lifestyle through mindful physical activity programming and continuous wellness education


Our Approach


We very much want your physical gains to happen without worsening any pre-existing conditions that you may have, whether you are aware of them or not.


Breathing impacts your overall well being. Breathing exercises can help you reduce stress levels, increase energy, manage chronic pain, regulate your body’


Education is a big part of our philosophy. Our online classes are as educational as they are physically challenging. We also run webinars and something


Physical exercise in itself is just one part of a wellbeing programme. We believe that balance is the key to a long lasting positive change in mindset and lifestyle. 

At Home

The Gym is not the only place to achieve results - home based workouts can be just as successful and can also be the perfect balance tool when time is tight

At Work

Wellbeing is a way of life and a toolkit for sustainable positive change. It does not stop or start at home or at work. It is everywhere you go and in everything you do.  We deliver workshops and education talks all focusing on wellbeing, movement and mindfulness at the workplace. 

On The Go

We can be and plan around you wherever you are and whatever your do. The programming we do will be based on your life style and will be a fit for what you need and the time you have

As a Team

We don't just work with individual but with teams of individuals too. Wellbeing should be were people are and that also includes at work. Get in touch to find how you can achieve a happier more productive workforce. 


Our Story

We started The Lab Fitness  with one goal in mind - get more people to move, learn and self help in order to achieve a sustainable lifestyle change that promotes balanced wellness and happiness. 

Each one of us brings a unique point of view which helps us create that balanced and practical programming for our clients be that individuals or businesses. 

We know that in order to achieve this we need to change mindsets and this is never an easy task. We use physical programming, biomechanics, wellbeing webinars and educational talks to not just kick start the change but also to sustain and learn to self regulate and self help. 

We know what it feels like to be tired, overworked, stressed and unmotivated. We also know what it feels like to be happy, rested, focused and excited to achieve goals while feeling the taste of achievement. We see this battle unfold and often continue for a long time in the life of all our clients. This battle is so multifaceted that it can't be fixed with a unilateral approach. It requires a diverse but balanced mix of tools  applied in our customers' at work and at home life. 


Whether an individuals or an organisation - we all share the same challenge, achieve balance 



We believe that physical training is just one part of the overall wellbeing of all our clients. It is this philosophy that guides us in all we do - from programming and class instruction to education, coaching or individual one-on-one training. We want to set you up for success from day one. One of our key tools to achieve that is Biomechanics. 

Your success depends not only on how effective your movements are but also on additional factors that come into play such as neuromuscular skills, Physiological Functional Capacity and cognitive abilities. And these can all be affected by your environment and lifestyle. That’s the reason why we want to get to know you better through Biomechanics. It allows us to consider a holistic mix of factors that will have an impact on your progress and ability to implement a lifelong change. 


Meet The Team

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Matt McElligott

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I have been in the health and fitness industry for over 13 years training and coaching clients from weight loss and body transformations to event preparation and injury rehab. In all my years of experience I never once believed that one size fits all. On the contrary, variety, purpose, context and all round wellbeing are all part of the set of ethics I apply when I programme for my clients no matter where and who they are. 


My goal is for the The Lab to carry through these personal and professional ethics which I feel are quickly being lost in a sea of social media fitness trainers and self proclaimed experts. 


Every year I find that the number of clients who come to me with injuries and misinformation on many fitness related topics is growing as quick as the industry itself. Such clients are often led to believe that transformations can happen overnight, that weight lifting is bad, that calorie deficit is a very complicated process and can easily be replaced by the latest fad diet.  


Every client I meet and work with is different but it is likely we all share the same struggles. I have myself been through weight gain and weight loss. I have worked in an office environment and have suffered through shift-work life. I have experienced the intensity of countless marathon preparations and injuries. When I started my career as a Health and Fitness professional all I could think of was how can I best help and educate others to achieve a lifelong change in their overall wellbeing through physical fitness. 


I know the journey firsthand and the struggles along the way and have passed my knowledge to my clients, learning with them through their personal journeys. 


Izzy Raffy

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I have spent over 15 years working within the challenging and stressful  environment of tech start-ups, corporate and retail world. I know first hand the damaging effects it can have on mental, physical health and lifestyle not just on myself but also on the individuals within the teams I've led. 

You don't have to convince me how difficult it is to set the alarm for 4.30am so that I am able to  hit the gym by 6.30am and be in the office in time for standup or morning meetings while also planning food, nutrition, and agonise over that one caramel biscuit that could trip my carefully 'prescribed' nutrition plan. 

When I started looking for ways to bring more balance into my life I struggled to find accessible and practical information on how best to achieve that. There is so much information out there and I have done my fair share of classes, personal training and retreats to experience enough that I am able to make informed judgement calls on what works for me and how I am able to share my experience and learning with others. 

In my quest for knowledge I also completed a Personal Trainer qualification and a boxing instructor training. 

But that’s MY story and these are some of my daily battles. Everyone is different and behaviour changes from home, to work to On the Go. It depends on how fast or slow you live your life.


I started The Lab so that I am able to help more people learn the tools they need to self help, build resilience, overcome, silence fitness fallacies  and achieve  a balance that is right for them. 


Given that on average we spend circa 1,795 hours at work p/a, it is imperative that we pay attention to wellbeing at the workplace as well as outside in order to set up for a successful balanced life.  

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